“Timethroughwords”: Meeting With Luca Ricci

“timethroughwords”: meeting with Luca Ricci

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Thursday November 16th, 2017, 6.30pm

The series of literary talks “timethroughwords”, curated by Stefano Spagnolo, will present over the year major Italian authors who work on the theme of time as an explicit reference or as a conditioning background. The first appointment is entitled ‘Time of Tales’ and will be conducted by Luca Ricci. We often say that tales are as a photograph, that is to say pictures framing a single instant, without a chance to develop over time. Yet, is it really so? Luca Ricci lets us into his workshop of master of tales and tries to dispel some commonplaces. With readings from I difetti fondamentali (Rizzoli 2017).

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