Unintentional autobiography. Meeting with Maurizio Nichetti

Unintentional autobiography. Meeting with Maurizio Nichetti

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Thursday February, 1st,  6:30 pm.

« Above all, a life is made of moments that come back to you in a disorderly and casual yet always exciting way. I tried, in all of my movies, to tell about stories and characters, but first and foremost to describe emotions. The ocean of emotions that each one of us has lived since their birth and which, sometimes, emerges, how and whenever they wish, hiding in a thought, a frame, the page of a book ». Born in Milan, Maurizio Nichetti is an architect who decided to dedicate himself to cinema. In 1979 he realised, as a director, an actor and a screenwriter Ratataplan, his first movie, which will be followed by ten more, including Ho fatto Splash, Ladri di Saponette, Volere Volare. Since 2014 he is the artistic director of the Milan branch of Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia.

Free entry until capacity is reached.

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