Travelthroughwords: A Talk With Vitaliano Trevisan, Jazz Shortcuts By Paolo Brusò

Travelthroughwords: A Talk with Vitaliano Trevisan, Jazz shortcuts by Paolo Brusò

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And now, where do we go?
travelthroughwords: A talk with Vitaliano Trevisan, Jazz shortcuts by Paolo Brusò
Tuesday, May 2, 6:30 pm

With a writing style so unique, it resembles Jazz, Vitaliano Trevisan is one of the best Italian authors of his generation. In this autobiographical novel, Trevisan explores, over a thirty years lapse, the ‘Working culture’ in the North East of Italy, a region where working is like a religion. Through this magnifying lens, he examines not only Italy’s evolution but also his life: the failure of love, the power mechanisms hidden behind every relationship, the story of his and every other North Eastern family, which is always, ‘story involving money’. With a sincere and raw perspective into the depths of the local working culture, Vitaliano Trevisan offers an unprecedented reading at the T Fondaco, accompanied by the electr(on)ic sounds of Paolo Brusò.

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Event Pavilion - 4th floor
Free admission while places last.
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ph. Matteo De Fina