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Master Distiller’s Reserve

Traditional oak casks of the Master Distiller’s Reserve deliver the classic style of The Glenlivet with ripe fruit pear and gentle summer floral notes, while first fill American Oak provides depth, with creamy notes of coconut and soft fudge. Ex-Sherry oak is used to impart dried fruit flavors and spice aromas which offer a deeper complexity and richness.

Discover The Glenlivet's Iconic Captain's Reserve Whisky

The single malt scotch whisky combines The Glenlivet's time-honored traditions with a new, contemporary twist.
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Created by George Smith in 1824, The Glenlivet is The Definitive Speyside Single Malt, renowned for its heritage as a visionary within the single malts category. The Glenlivet is dedicated to continuing this legacy and has led innovation within single malt in recent years. Standout initiatives include the release of The Glenlivet Cipher, a mystery single malt, and the creation of The Glenlivet Founder’s Reserve, a great representation of the distillery’s signature style.

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