Depot Eatery and Oyster Bar Auckland

Depot Eatery and Oyster Bar

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With its rustic interiors, open kitchen and laid-back ambience, Depot Eatery has captured a vibe that has driven food-loving Kiwis wild. The nostalgic décor draws from a New Zealand of yesteryear: pictures of Maori boys hugging armfuls of shellfishes, blokes with bottles of beer and a picturesque little boat shed all hang on the walls. Helmed by Al Brown–TV presenter, writer, fisherman and restaurateur extraordinaire–Depot delivers seasonal local produce in an unfussy fashion that celebrates natural flavors. The highly selective wine list is compiled from the nation’s best grapes to complement the killer selection of seafood.
Depot Eatery and Oyster Bar
86 Federal Street
+64 9 363 7048