Sale St Auckland

Sale St

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Describing itself as a "multi-function mega-venue," Sale St encompasses a bar; an award-winning microbrewery, 1010 Brewings; a live music stage, The Velvet Room private bar and a scenic outdoor space and garden bar. Set in the heart of the Victoria Quadrant, this unique venue celebrates all that is homegrown and authentically Kiwi, from the music to the drinks and grub. A hub of activity and a popular gathering place for Auckland’s hip tipplers, Sale St is unique in what it offers, while encouraging a relaxed, sociable ambience. The outdoor terrace is one of is main attractions and the largest of its kind in New Zealand. Filled with rough wood benches and large picnic-style tables, it is utterly ideal for sunny afternoons spent sampling organic cider.
Sale St
7 Sale Street, Freemans Bay
+64 9 307 8148