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32 Via dei Birrai was established in June 2006 by three friends from different professional backgrounds who shared a Passion that led them to the same idea: to come up with a new way of brewing beer.
32 Via dei Birrai represents a new language in the boundless scenario of the brewery sector.
It resets and redefines the usual. It takes the commonly held concept of “beer” into another dimension.
It becomes design in the shape of a bottle.
Year by year, progress and growth have been unstoppable. 32 has become a cult beer.
The discerning and demanding 32 consumer finds constant quality in the products and appreciates the
highlighting of flavours and the strong identity. The lack of filtering and pasteurisation gives a rich blend of aromas and tastes in all their different forms. 32 has always expressed itself through precise values: quality, continuity, originality, creativeness, research.

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