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It all started in 1879, in a factory at the gates of Paris, at 89 rue Cartier Bresson in Pantin. It was there that, under the inspiration of M. Mulard, the A. Mulard establishments were born, specializing in the fabrication of creams and polishes. Becoming over the years the Gybem Industrial Laboratories, the company has remained faithful to the original values that have established its success and permanence - namely: respect, quality, ethics, and of course, innovation. Values that, today more than ever, are full of meaning. Calling upon the Gybem Industrial Laboratories is calling upon a unique, atypical, structure, solidified by confidence in its country and in its team, and alone in its choice to continue to manufacture, entirely in France, the whole of its range of products. It is also to make choice to use top quality natural ingredients and the last technological innovations. The new range A. Mulard, with its large assortment of care for shoes adapted to every type of material (smooth lather, impregnated leather, reptile, rubber, synthetic materials...) and its collection of accessories (insoles, brushes, leather gifts...) represents the outcome of this works. So let’s find the quality of products of former days…

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