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A story of innovation: For thousands of years, the Dead Sea has attracted visitors who seek to rejuvenate their skin thanks to the powerful properties of this natural wonder. This unique environment offers ideal conditions for research on skin treatment: high mineral content, low concentrations of pollens and allergens, high atmospheric pressure and low UV radiation. The AHAVA Laboratories of the Dead Sea were created in 1988 to study these rejuvenation processes and unlock their power, by creating targeted treatments for the face and body. The expertise of the Dead Sea: After many years of research, AHAVA scientists have developed several unique cosmetic care formulas. They are engaged in continuous research on minerals from the Dead Sea, in the creation of new cosmetic care technologies and in the development of new products every year. AHAVA has several patents registered. Mineral discovery: the minerals of the Dead Sea, mud and desert plants are the active ingredients of AHAVA's product innovations.

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