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Benedetta Bruzziches is a delicate balance between the tension of creating unique works and a gentle approach to work, its timing, its relationships. Her objects d'art are born in the hills of Caprarola, in the province of Viterbo, in a workshop immersed in the woods of Tuscia, where art and manual work coexist in an ideal way. Benedetta and her brother Agostino - who works alongside her in this enterprise - meticulously take care of every bag, every accessory; all the items are made by several hands by the collaboration of master craftsmen and skilled seamstresses, always in limited quantities so that each one can receive the right attention.
Since 2009, the Bruzziches brothers have been betting on a company in which the value of each individual counts above all, and in which art is what illuminates the working days. Since then, the now famous bags 'with a name of their own' have been spontaneously chosen by the most different women in every corner of the world.

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