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Crafted by America's original house of leather and available exclusively at DFS, this limited-edition collection features Coach's iconic Signature pattern. Designed for the modern traveler, the bags, small leather goods and hoodies are made for going places in style.
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 Elevate any journey with Coach's iconic Signature pieces. 

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 Going places? We've got unapologetically practical (and stylish) things for that.

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 For a limited time only, enjoy exciting offers at your nearest store.* 

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Coach is a modern American luxury brand with a rich heritage of quality and craftsmanship. All over the world, the Coach name is synonymous with the ease and sophistication of New York style. Coach is the original American house of leather. From humble beginnings in 1941 as a small, family-run workshop in New York City to its position today as a leading global lifestyle brand, Coach continues to surprise and delight customers all over the world with its innovative design and tradition of excellence.

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