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côte&ciel encapsulates the ideas of freedom and movement between urban and non-urban environments by combining creativity, practicality and the progressive use of space into a single object. As its name suggests, côte&ciel is an homage to the productive collision of forces you’ll find at the meeting point between coast and sky. The elemental inspiration we find in the natural world is augmented at our home base in Paris. Our studio, in the Marais district, is ideally located within a city where the merging of art, spatial design, architecture and fashion is a long established tradition. At côte&ciel we create goods that enable your journeys and exploration: bags and sleeves for men and women, often with special protection for a range of media devices, each with an emphasis on fabric research and focus on tactility and experimental design. Our output is architectural in the sense that it takes advantage of the collision of external forces and the tension between the wearer and the weight carried to realize its ultimate form. We are inspired by studying the structure and function of biological systems, in order to better understand gravity and volume in relation to ourselves and our carrying needs.

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