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André Courrèges is a French fashion designer, characteristic for his ultra-modern designs. In 1961 Courrèges opened his own fashion house - Maison de Couture. It is here that he started working in a different direction and creating his unique style. His most famous designs were miniskirt, little white dress and trouser suit. In 1965, the French designer stimulated Paris' fashion with his innovative Couture Future collection. Shortly after, the market was flooded with plastic boots, vinyl jackets and A-line dresses. He privileged geometric forms and primary colours that became emblematic of the “space age” aesthetic of the 1960s. The designer usually names modern architecture, technology, new fabrics, and modernism and futurism in art and design as his main influences in creation which pushed him to produce some truly memorable designs. Today the house of Courrèges also offers accessories, luggage and perfume in addition to his clothing ranges. The earliest perfume edition was created in 1970 and the newest is from 2017.

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