Dorothée Sausset is a jewelry brand created by French designer Dorothée Sausset. She is inspired by symbols and beliefs from cultures that have moved her emotionally and spiritually. After many years living in India, the designer was introduced to Kundalini Yoga and is now herself an instructor. This philosophy has an influence on the role of sacred jewelry in her creations. Each piece is made with her highest intentions. Sophisticated and protective, the piece of jewelry is the bond between the body and the soul like a link in the chain. It embodies a lifestyle and makes the woman who wears it even more beautiful. The "Holistic Story" Collection In the holistic collection, Dorothée Sausset reinvents the mudras as a piece of jewelry. A "mudra" is a symbolic posture of fingers that seeks to harmonize physical and emotional states, it is often used in yoga and meditation. This collection is also inspired from the five elements. Associated with the virtues of Ayurvedic medicine, each stone corresponds to one element: earth, water, air, fire and space.

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