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Elegant perfumed furnishing accessories handcraftedin Florence for over 30 years.Dr.Vranjes Firenze is the story of a nose who searched a unique city of art for the essential ingredients, breathing life into luxurious products,which go straight to the heart via our sense of smell. The nose belongs to Dr. Paolo Vranjes, pharmacist, chemist and cosmetician, but most importantly a man who translates emotions into fragrant creations. The city of art could only be Florence, with its elegant, centuries-old workshops offering unique experiences for all five senses.Recommending the best fragrance for each room and activity -considering the area, furnishings and individual taste -is his mission. Choosing a fragrance for your home isjust as important as choosing a perfume for yourself: we recognizeourselves in a fragrance, as do all the people we invite into our homes and workplaces.

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