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With the belief of creating the outstanding timepieces under nurtured by the watchmaker grandparents, young Jules Borel began his long career of watch making in Neuchatel, Switzerland, the “Watchmaking Kingdom”. Jules Borel aspired to establish his own brand, and aimed to turn the family business into an international corporate. When Jules Borel retired due to old age, he was succeeded by his son Ernest Borel. Ernest Borel gave full play to new inventions in gears and other accessories, such as screws and push pieces, thereby enhancing the reputation of the brand, driving the precision and perfection of products greatly. In 1898, the trademark of this time-honored brand was born when a beautiful and romantic story took place. At a noble dancing party, young Ernest Borel met a beautiful girl. Their graceful dance attracted the envious eyes of a photographer, he couldn’t help taking a picture. The time stopped at that moving and romantic moment. The romantic moment inspired of Ernest Borel. The momentary feeling turned into a permanent affection of his heart. Then he designed the brand trademark of Ernest Borel with their dancing image. Despite the perpetual elapse of time, Ernest Borel did not stop producing watches, the image of the two dancing lovers of Ernest Borel left an unforgettably heritage.

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