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Haig Club is built on nearly 400 years of distilling heritage and the House of Haig can trace its whiskey-producing roots back to the 17th century. In 1824 John Haig established the Cameronbridge distillery, and it was there that he pioneered the art of producing grain whiskey in continuous Coffey and Stein stills—an invention which laid the foundations for the growth and success of the modern Scotch whiskey industry. Haig Club is born of that Haig family legacy of innovation and excellence in whiskey making. The Haig Club unique bottle design draws on a history of innovative bottles produced by the House of Haig, including the Haig dimple bottle, recognizable the world over. The Haig Club brand was inspired in part by archive materials dating back to the 1920s in which Haig whiskey was advertised as "the clubman's whiskey."

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