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Once upon a time, four adventurers— three girls and one boy— decided to explore Mt. Fuji. This mountain, the highest peak in Japan, is well-known for its vegetation and its large variety of flowers. Thus, our four adventurers went in search of flowers and plants. Their dream? To make their own perfumes, each one representing a message of Friendship, Beauty, Love, Luck, or Strength… From the base to the peak of Mt. Fuji, our heroes found many plants and even rare fruits. Among them: bamboo shoots, cherry blossoms, roses, lotus, litchis and tonka beans... The friends decided to continue the adventure by visiting Tokyo. They found its buildings, manga, but also the quirky look of its inhabitants ... Along the way, they met the talented artist Valeria Pop'Art Attinelli, who had the gift to make works that were colorful and lively. Magically, she transformed our heroes into works of art with a crazy look. Kokeshi's outputs were now ready for the most fashionable district of Harajuku! And the adventure continued...

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