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Avant-garde by nature In 2010, Laëtitia had a great idea: replace its make-up removing lotion and its 5 daily disposable cottons with simple microfiber wipes, ultra soft and reusable hundreds of times. The Lamazuna adventure is launched! It's Nika, his Georgian roommate at the time, who found the word "Lamazuna," meaning "pretty girl" in her language. An "ecological" and zero waste range. Lamazuna products are "eco-friendly." Their goal: reduce bathroom waste as much as possible and make great savings! Whether using the Oriculi, this funny instrument that replaces cotton swabs for life, the solid shampoo to avoid plastic bottles full of trash or the Women's Cup, which allows to leave the pads in the cupboard and sanitary napkins, everyday life is simplified while considerably reducing bathroom waste. Vegan and organic ingredients! The ingredients in Lamazuna's range of solid cosmetics are 100% natural. Either they are mineral or vegetal, in this case Lamazuna chooses them labeled organic. Lamazuna has also chosen to develop only vegan products. By thinking every day about innovative products that are safe for health and the environment, Lamazuna wants to initiate a change in the world.

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