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Leo Studio Design built its own individual identity following a creative path which began in 2015 with the development of a collection of footwear and leather goods. Meeting with craftsmen of great experience and character has been the key in allowing Leo Macina, a young and dynamic designer from Apulia, to acquire an expertise passed down through generations. It was this process that has allowed Leo to recover the know-how that made the term ‘Made in Italy’ synonymous with quality throughout the world. Key processes, knowledge of leathers and fabrics, craftsmanship and modeling techniques are the basis of the development of a wide collection, which makes the pret a porter collection SS2017 a great creative success. The clothing to complete accessory, the accessory as a complement of the clothing, in a perfect balance based on a framework of comprehensive and dynamic collection with a strong DNA. A sense of style created by contamination and overlapping provides life to the designs which are always evolving and moving. A contemporary collection that contains seemingly simple garments and daily spirit next to valuable and innovative concepts which have been inspired by such things as art and joie de vivre, to everyday life, with a touch of irony and freshness. The attention to the processes, the choice of fabrics, the research for forms and materials, the study of volumes and the realization of prints and graphics represent the now unmistakable identity of the brand. The artisan finishes coupled with the uniqueness in the cuts and fluid forms work together to create an individual and unique style in which the outfits are able to define the personality of the wearer, giving it an elegant naturalness. The global vision of the brand aims to combine the traditions of ‘Made in Italy’ and that unmistakable quality of craftsmanship with the most innovative technologies. Loved by an international dynamic and cosmopolitan public, available in some of the most prestigious cities of the world, Leo Studio Design has the world as its feet.

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