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The brand started in Paris and Asia in 2016, with the desire to organize exclusive sales for VIP in private session and trunk shows. Soon the brand will be sold in luxury stores all over Asia. Lorde offers a range of stylish and timeless pieces with delicate and fine jewels. Lorde jewlery, is a mixing and matching luxurious game, playing with shapes and fascinating colored Diamonds. Most of the Collections are handcrafted. Lorde's Collection set with Diamond Sliced are designed from a rough diamond, then sliced with a laser into thin strips. This gives it a captivating shine and sustained radiance. The slices are thin enough to see through and often contain threadlike patterns of the inclusions found in the stone. Then, Lorde selects the brightest diamonds in the nicest cuts to create a more captivating piece. The designer Sandra was raised in a family of jewelers and diamond dealers, she always had been fascinated by how intensely jewels and beauty can make women happy. "Women are goddess that should be praised every day" To start a new Chapter the brand will be sold at "Samaritaine," in Concept stores and Department stores in Asia.

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