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Loreak Mendian means “flowers in the mountain”, a brand faithful to its roots, founded in Donostia but with a global vision. With a history of more than 25 years reinterpreted to transform contemporary life. At Loreak Mendian we believe in high quality garments manufactured with great attention to detail. We advocate the power of design to create timeless and durable garments. Dressing Loreak Mendian means favouring design and functionality. A versatile way of dressing, perfect for your everyday activities or for any special occasion. We promote honest fashion and a natural way of being. Sustainable innovation is the tool we use to comply with the ethical commitment we have with our environment. We are driven by culture and we soak up the artistic expressions that surround us. Music, art and graphic design are all part of Loreak Mendian, inspiring our collections, our stores and our own creative spirit.

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