Nadia Azoug, the brand's designer, switched her Kabyl mountains for the bustling Paris at the age of seven. The switch was like an electric choc and turned the carefree child into a sociable, determined, power-woman always turned to new projects, always curious for new encounters. One meeting however really determined her choices. In her restaurant, in the 11th arrondissement, she met a jeweler, a habitué, who would come for coffee every day. He shared his love of the craft with her and ignited her desire to launch her own line of jewelry. Monsieur was born in January 2010. Her project was articulated around a bespoke, Paris-based, handmade production in Le Marais. Grounding Monsieur in a slow made philosophy meant handing back the real value to the items produced. Beyond everything, Nadia wanted to share her love of craftsmanship. The workbenches were hence set up in the boutique itself. This meant complete transparency but also a less formal approach to luxury and jewelry. The customers would be able to discover the atelier, see the jewelry in the making and meet the jewelers. This resulted in creating a warm, friendly space to welcome encounters between clients and makers. Monsieur has thus dedicated itself to values of openness. Welcoming all women, in a space where luxury tailor-made jewelry would be open and accessible to all.

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