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New Zealand's local duvet expert, only sourcing raw material from NZ for its 100% alpaca duvet, and 100% premium wool duvet.
Moodynail's alpaca fiber is selected from the New Zealand farm alpaca, all made of high-quality 100% alpaca back hair carded and filled. Alpaca fiber is also called soft gold. The main reason is because of its super high warmth retention, which is 40% warmer than wool. It is light and thin, has a moderate wrapping feeling, and does not compress the body. It is combined with Moodynail physical feather-proof fabric to keep brethable, and to highlight its advantage. It is a perfect bedding product for own use, and a good gift to others as well. Alpaca fiber is more resistant to insects and mites. Because it is not an allergen, and does not secrete lanolin and grease, it also has anti-allergic properties. Combining with the anti-mite treated fabric for Premium ranges, it is completely anti-allergic, and is effective for the respiratory system. Increase convenience for sensitive people.

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