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Maison Poiray was founded on Rue de la Paix in 1975 with a vision of uncomplicated luxury through timeless classics. A precious jewel must be elegant, creative, wearable on all occasions and fit into the daily lives of the woman who wears it. Maison Poiray was the first Maison in Place Vendôme to refuse to limit itself to only precious stones, and its collections feature the rich palette offered by semi-precious stones. The Ma Première watch with its interchangeable bracelets and the Cœur Entrelacé, Tresse, Ma Préférence, Indrani and Flower jewelry collections are among the brand's iconic offerings. Dune de Poiray, a collection of chiseled and twisted gold jewelry, and Perles Précieuses, which reinvents a jewelry classic with a modern touch, have recently complemented these collections.

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