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Rahua® is a pioneer of plant-powered beauty founded by Fabian Lliguin and Anna Ayers. Derived from the healing power of plants, Rahua's potent hair, body and wellness offerings deliver transformative, long-term benefits. Rahua oil, the key ingredient, is high in Omega 9 nutrients which highly benefits both hair and skin. The super fine molecules fortify hair leaving it shiny and lustrous; as well as tone, soothe and moisturize for luminous, glowing skin. Rahua relies on plants to create clean, purifying formulas for exceptional performance and believes that the care of your hair and skin is an essential part of overall health. Rahua's products are Symbiotic®, vegan, cruelty-free and climate positive. Plus, the ingredients are hand-harvested by the Indigenous people of the Amazon Rainforest through ancestral ceremonial practices that help Indigenous tribes sustain their environment. Rahua defines luxury by delivering thoughtful beauty experiences through a clear connection to nature. These experiences simultaneously build on its philanthropic mission to preserve the rainforest while supporting Indigenous communities.

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