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Founded in 1856, the brand's Fer à Cheval soap factory embodies Marseille's heritage because the brand's history is also that of the region and its people. Savonnerie Fer à Cheval respects and perpetuates craftsmanship expertise that is passed down from generation to generation of master soap-makers. The recipe for authentic Marseille soap boiled in cauldrons is preciously guarded and remains unchanged to this day as it is so incredibly effective and gentle for the whole family. Savonnerie Fer à Cheval has kept the spirit of craftsmanship and works with passion and commitment to offer a Marseille soap of excellent quality that is as environmentally friendly as possible. Their soap does not contain any added preservatives, colorants, fragrances or animal fats. Their soap is not perfect, it is living. It changes over time, depending on the seasons and the vegetable oils that they select. But in their eyes, it remains the same love story.

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