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A former real estate agent, Jean Phillips purchased the 57 acre Oakville vineyard in 1986; at that time, it was planted with a mixture of varieties, with the exception of a one acre (0.4 ha) plot of approximately 80 Cabernet Sauvignon vines. Legend has it that in 1992, after years of selling grapes to Napa Valley wineries, she decided to find out if her home-made wine, culled from the one acre plot and ‘created in a plastic trash can’, was any good. Philips sought the opinions of Robert Mondavi Winery employees on the commercial potential of her wine and they thought enough of her dark, rich, blackcurrant-flavoured Cabernet to encourage her to bottle it. Her first bottling, the 1992 vintage—released in 1995—resulted in Screaming Eagle becoming one of the most celebrated and highly priced wines in the Napa Valley. The rest is history.

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