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With our line of home fragrances, inspired by Cambodia’s wonderful culinary and aromatic heritage,the scent-sation of Senteurs d’Angkor can stay with you long after your holiday  The moment you walk into our Senteurs d’Angkor shop, you are immediately struck by an explosion of the senses with heady aromas floating from every corner. It can be difficult to choose which kind of scent you prefer, so you can start with an everyday indulgence by trying our oil-based handmade soaps. Available in a variety of scents, our soaps are all made by hand, using traditional techniques and extracts derived exclusively from plant oils.. Or get tempted by our delicately perfumed massage oils, body creams, scrubs and bath salts. For scents of a more aromatic variety, tease your taste buds with our fine selection of Cambodian spices. For over the top indulgence, intoxicate your senses with our delicate local food products.

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