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Sophie d'Agon conceives jewellery for all women: free, vibrant, inspiring. A colourful and unique jewellery, embodied by stones but first and foremost with joy. Modern and timeless pieces, fit for every moment of life. Handcrafted with gemstones, the collections offer mineral and genuine colour palettes, made up of the natural red of the ruby stone, emeralds’ brightness, sapphires’ deep colour… The jewellery takes you on a journey around the world, across the landscapes that kindle Sophie d’Agon’s imagination and creativity. This is also a journey through time, since the collections are inspired by ancient jewellery which fascinates the designer. Made in Europe under respectful and caring conditions, the creations are handcrafted in 18 karat recycled gold. This quality craftsmanship, which is both delicate and subtly imperfect, makes Sophie d’Agon jewellery unique.

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