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A wide range of Spanish cultural features plays a central role in the philosophy and DNA of Souliers Martinez: national and regional aesthetics, folklore, topology as well as lifestyle and spirit. Spanish customs and shoemaking expertise are the pillars of the brand, which Julien proudly defends and promotes. Each pair of shoes is assembled and finished by outstanding craftspeople, in workshops of the Alicante region. Julien has worked tirelessly with Spanish artisans, researching, experimenting; he eventually succeeded in seamlessly integrating their traditional workmanship into his creations. Combined with a rigorous selection of leather, he imagines comfortable shoes with bold shapes. While reflecting the elegance and finesse of his beloved Spanish heritage, Julien's designs remain resolutely Parisian. This French touch subtly suffuses Souliers Martinez's collections, a symbol of timeless elegance perfectly blending with its strong Iberian character. Throughout the seasons, his original assortment of woven and braided leather styles has evolved, becoming ever more diverse and ranging from boots to pumps, asserting his style as a unique aesthetic. Souliers Martinez regularly teams up with young Spanish professionals, artists and creative entrepreneurs with similar visions to develop an aesthetic and foster a rich brand universe. Collaborations have featured Studio Cobalto, Candela Capitan, Clara Diez, etc. The brand is distributed on all five continents, through a solid wholesale scheme — and online through its e-shop, launched in March 2020. Souliers Martinez has recently partnered up with Cuir Invest, a French investor, who will accompany its growth by accelerating both its digital communication and direct online distribution.

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