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Iconic designs that epitomize TASAKI.

Having attracted worldwide attention, these designs featuring pearls lined up along straight bars remain hugely popular icons. The collection comprises groundbreaking pearl jewellery that combines pearls matched perfectly in terms of shape, size, luster, color, and quality with TASAKI’s outstanding craftsmanship. 

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TASAKI is a premier jewelry Maison, founded in 1954 in a country with unrivaled tradition, which offers unique and fashionable creations. The aesthetic values of Japan are born from the beautiful natural environment and surrounding seascape. The Japanese spirit of beauty, characterized by subtlety and elegance, which has captured the world's attention, is embodied in TASAKI's jewelry creations. Unlike many of the other brands in the world, TASAKI handles each and every step of the jewelry production process in its workshop in Kobe; from the procurement of materials, the development and craftsmanship, to sharing the fashionable and unique creations to the world. TASAKI provides the finest quality pearls from the brand's own pearl farms in Japan and Myanmar and is recognized for its advanced diamond polishing techniques. Committed to creating products in house, TASAKI encourages a culture that embraces the beauty of nature and sustainability. With an eye for beauty and respect for tradition and nature, TASAKI offers dedicated values through its untiring spirit of inquiry, thirst for challenge, curiosity of the unknown, superior savoir-faire, and embracing nature.

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