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Tic Tac® was born in 1969, and became an instant success as a unique, fresh-breath candy with the flip-top lid and the signature “rattle” sound. With an aim to surprise and delight consumers with fresh taste sensations, Tic Tac® is now one of the world leading brands in pocket confectionery being distributed in over 100 countries all over the world and having a wide range of minty, fruity and original flavors.
Highly appealing to Millennials, the brand records strong digital presence with the fastest growing Instagram account within FMCG and +15 million fans on Facebook.
In travel market, Tic Tac's most iconic product is Tic Tac Lilliput which is filled with 60 mini boxes, in a mix of 4 refreshing flavors: Mint, Orange, Spearmint and Peach & Passion Fruit. The engaging graphics on each pack highlight a classic moment from a traveler’s journey lived in a humorous Tic Tac way.

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