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Tommasi is the story of a family told through the deep love for wines since 1902.A story of four generations who expressed their passion in the most suitable terroirs and made in the attainment of excellence their mission.Tradition, passion and respect for the territory have been the three driving principles leading the Tommasi family to become a leader in the production of excellent wines.

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The Tommasi family has been involved in the production of wine for over 100 years, ever since, in 1902, Giacomo Battista Tommasi bought a little vineyard in Valpolicella Classica.
Tommasi Family Estates represents the family project aimed at producing excellent wines in the most vocated Italian lands. Since 1997 the 4th generation enriched its properties selecting outstanding terroirs outside the native Valpolicella Classica boundaries. The Tommasi property extends over 570 hectares in Italy’s five finest Italian wine regions.

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