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Produced in Yibin, in China's Sichuan province, Wuliangye is distilled liquor brewed from multiple grains. "Yaozixue yeast liquor" from the Song dynasty (960-1279 A.D.) was the direct ancestor of Wuliangye. In 1368 A.D., "Chen's secret recipe" was summarized to finalize the style of liquor and is still in use today. In 1909, the liquor was named "Wuliangye." Today’s producer of Wuliangye, Wuliangye Group Co., Ltd., is the world's largest producer of distilled liquor, and is known as the "Magnate of the Chinese Liquor Industry." Wuliangye's brand value in 2013 reached RMB 65.919 billion Yuan.

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