5 Ways To Enjoy Your Whiskey

5 Ways To Enjoy Your Whiskey

Finding a bottle of a fine, rare whiskey is reason enough to celebrate, but the way you choose to serve and sip can transform its flavor profile in surprisingly different ways. Whether you’re drinking it neat in your favorite crystal tumbler, poured over ice, or stirred into a hand crafted cocktail, we’ve put together five different ways to rediscover your favorite whiskey over and over again, captured by leading Singapore-based photographer and food stylist C.R Tan.
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Featuring: William Grant & Sons 25 Year Old Àraid Rare Cask Reserves


Experience scotch in its purest form, no rocks, no water, simply the William Grant & Sons 25 Year Old Àraid Rare Cask Reserves as it was meant to be tasted. Orange peel and citrus lure you into this blended scotch, while cinnamon and spice reveal themselves as you slowly sip. It’s an unforgettable scotch selection that is best enjoyed without any distraction.

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Featuring: Glenmorangie The Tarlogan Single Malt Whisky


Adding a few drops of water to your Glenmorangie The Tarlogan Limited Edition can open up the whiskey and bring forth flavors and notes that would have been otherwise masked by the strength of the alcohol on your tongue. A few drops to a dram of water will allow the scotch to blossom, revealing notes of oak, chocolate, and coconut, making the scotch even smoother.

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Featuring: Port Charlotte 2007 CC: 01


A bit of scotch poured over a couple of large ice cubes is a great way to enjoy the drink at your own pace. The rocks help to chill the Port Charlotte 2007 while diluting it just enough to bring forth notes of smoke, peaches and plums, and the unmistakable earthy flavor of peat.

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Featuring: Chivas Regal Mizunara Blended Whisky


A highball glass is the perfect way to leisurely enjoy your favorite scotch on a hot day. A healthy pour of Chivas Regal Mizunara over plenty of ice and a splash of soda brings out the floral and fruit notes in the complex scotch and makes it an effervescent mixer to sip all afternoon.

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Featuring: Royal Salute 21 Year Old Polo Collection - Limited Edition


Rediscover an exquisite blended whiskey by incorporating it into a craft cocktail paired with fresh herbs and a spray from your favorite citrus. The Royal Salute 21 Year Old Polo Collection is beautifully balanced with fruit and a warm sweetness from notes of nuts and toffee, and is sure to shine when stirred into a cocktail and garnished with a twist.

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