Angkor Shopping Guide

Angkor Shopping Guide

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Angkor Cookies Set

Shaped after the world-famous silhouette of Angkor Wat, Angkor Cookies are handmade locally with only natural ingredients. This exclusive set has been released to commemorate the company's 10th anniversary and features its signature flavors, including banana and cinnamon, cashew nuts, and pineapple. Presented in a stylish gift box, they make an ideal souvenir to enjoy with your favorite brew of coffee or tea.

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Coco Khmer 100% Virgin Coconut Oil 500ml

There's no end to the virtues of coconut oil. Coco Khmer's virgin coconut oil is cold-pressed by hand in small batches from 100% chemical-free coconuts ensuring the highest of quality. It makes a thoughtful and deliciously scented gift for yourself or those you love.

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Bodia Rice Facial Scrub

One of the key steps to having radiant skin is exfoliation. This delicately scented facial scrub harnesses the properties of jasmine rice and rose. Give the gift of wellness with this natural, non-greasy treatment from one of Cambodia's finest spa and beauty brands.

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Senteurs d’Angkor Lip Balm and Soap Set

Senteurs d’Angkor products are lovingly crafted with 100% natural ingredients. This handmade set includes a hand soap and a lip balm made with emollient plant oils and scented with lotus flowers. It's a beautiful gift that will stay with you long after your vacation.

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Artisans d'Angkor Wooden Royal Elephant

Popular among all Asian cultures, elephants symbolize many qualities, including royalty, power and wisdom. Additionally, in Feng Shui, elephants are believed to bring good luck, protection and fertility. Whether for yourself or someone you care for, this locally crafted wooden royal elephant will be a stylish addition to any home and a lovely reminder of your Asian adventure.

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Artisans d'Angkor Silk Scarf

Every fashion expert knows that the right accessory can vastly enhance an outfit, and scarves are the ultimate must-have. This handwoven 100% silk scarf produced by Artisans d'Angkor is the ideal, versatile accent to add a splash of color or a layer of  texture to your look.

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Confirel Organic Thnot Sugar

Made in Cambodia from the sap of the Borassus flabellifer, this Thnot sugar is naturally processed, unrefined and certified organic. It has a delicate aroma and a distinctive sweet flavor with caramel undertones. Perfect to accompany hot and cold beverages as well as baking recipes, this is a valuable gift to anyone seeking a health-conscious lifestyle.

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Confirel Kirum Kampot Pepper Herbal Tea

By combining Kampot pepper inflorescence with other locally organic-certified plants, Confirel created a range of herbal teas with a wide range of health benefits. From re-energizing and invigorating qualities to digestive and stress-reducing effects, this is a  gift that will make teatime a healthful experience.


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