Step Inside Our Beauty Concierge

Step Inside Our Beauty Concierge

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Step Inside Our Beauty Concierge

Tucked away inside T Galleria is a place unlike any other, dedicated to the world's foremost bespoke beauty experiences. Join us as we meet DFS Beauty Consultant, Gigi Wong and discover exclusive services available at the T Galleria Beauty Concierge, along with expert beauty advice. Before your next trip, be sure to add our first class beauty treatment to your itinerary.

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Featuring Vanessa, Beauty Advisor at Tom Ford.

What unique services does the Beauty Concierge offer?

The Beauty Concierge is a heightened extension of the makeup and skincare offerings at T Galleria. We provide a professional analysis of the customer's skin type, personalized recommendations, and relaxing treatments. Our goal is always to bring out your best in beauty through facials, massages, makeovers, and makeup tutorials and lessons.
I'm especially proud of our experts' ability to recommend products from any one of our dozens of prestige brands. Every beauty expert goes through extensive professional training to develop an understanding of each product, from cleanser to foundation. We also keep detailed skincare records for all of our customers, to help track their beauty journeys and enhance our recommendations.

How long have you been part of the T Galleria Beauty Concierge team?

I’ve been at DFS for eight years already! In October 2009, I began as a Beauty Advisor at the Yves Saint Laurent beauty counter. I was invited to join the Beauty Concierge when it first opened its doors to our travelers. Previously, I’ve worked as a Beauty Specialist at other brands and spas and I’ve studied cosmetology.

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Of all the services available at the Beauty Concierge, which is the most popular?

Our most popular service at Beauty Concierge is definitely the VISIA ® Skin Analysis. The machine's advanced technology can analyze a customer’s complexion in a mere few minutes and provide a clear understanding of the individual's skincare needs.
Our facials are also an extremely popular service. With our broad range of anti-aging, brightening, and radiance facials to choose from, you can pamper yourself with your choice of product and result. It's a highly personalized experience and the ultimate in luxury skincare.

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What skincare or beauty questions do most visitors ask at the Beauty Concierge?

We get a wide range of concerns from our customers so we always begin with a skin analysis to determine the most effective path to perfect skin. From this consultation, we’re able to identify steps in your daily skincare routine to be added or refined and provide tips and product recommendations. 
A common concern for our Asian customers is sun care. To prevent freckles, dark spots, and aging, we can recommend the latest sunscreen products which have anti blue-ray and anti-pollution features.

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What is the most important skincare secret you can share with our readers?

Cleansing, especially deep cleansing is very important. It's the first step to any beauty routine, but many customers don't take it seriously. If your skin is not cleaned thoroughly, the skincare products used afterwards will not be able to fully penetrate your skin. Always cleanse first and thoroughly!
We generally recommend customers use a face washing machine, such as those from Foreo or Clarisonic, because it effectively clear pores and it's more hygienic and effective than using your hands. Once your skin is clean, it'll be able to absorb more of the beauty products you use afterwards.

Book your visit now at the below Beauty Concierge locations:

T Galleria by DFS, Hong Kong, Canton Road
+852 2302 6710

T Galleria Beauty by DFS, Hong Kong, Causeway Bay
+852 2239 6698

T Galleria by DFS, Singapore 
+65 6229 8107

T Galleria by DFS, Hawaii
+1 808 931 2700

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Special thanks to Vanessa, Beauty Advisor at Tom Ford, for assisting us in the production of the photos for this article.