Chen Ran’s Love Letter To Hong Kong


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From the day she signed her first contract in Hong Kong, actress and model Chen Ran has kept the city close to her heart. In this exclusive interview with DFS, the star shares her key #MustPack accessories to travel in style as well as her favorite places in the city where the 2,200-year culture is infused with lively international vibes. 

Hong Kong is my favorite place in the world – it is the most enthusiastic, cheerful and hospitable place I know. I signed my first agency contract in Hong Kong; not only do I feel that the city has pushed me to international success, but it has also taught me invaluable life lessons that allow me to handle any situation in life.

My favorite part of the city is the Mid-Levels area on top of Hong Kong Island, where you can enjoy a magnificent view over the hills and the sea. For a sports enthusiast like me, it is also a great spot to start a hike. The fresh air makes it an excellent environment for healthy exercise! 

For an unforgettable view of the Hong Kong skyline, the best spot is definitely on the top of a skyscraper on Hong Kong Island. I can't get enough of the breathtaking view over the bay and its surroundings, and would never want to see them torn down.

The city is one of the most international places in the world as far as dining is concerned. You can travel from one continent to another simply by crossing the street. Personally, I have simple tastes and love having dinner with friends at one of those tea restaurants we have in Hong Kong, our own version of a diner. You can find one at every street corner of the city, and they always offer an incredible variety of choices. Tsui Wah is my favorite!

Whenever I’m in Hong Kong, my favorite thing to do is to enjoy the incredible values, high level of service and shopping culture of the city. Hong Kong has the largest concentration of luxury brands in the world and has a true label culture, so I take the time to explore it. I also join the creative frenzy that surrounds fashion brands and am always inspired by fashion-forward street style.

Aside from shopping, the most amazing tour you can go is the one you create for yourself. Wander the streets in the city’s most charming neighborhoods to explore the best side of the city. And don’t forget to pack comfortable shoes – expect lots of walking!