Dfs Presents: Chen Ran's #Mustpack Campaign


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Named as 'China's It Girl' by Harper's Bazaar China, actress and model Chen Ran has captivated her growing fans with her on-screen charm in films such as "Scent" and "Caught in the Web." In this exclusive interview with DFS, China's sweetheart opens up her travel journal and reveals what she #MustPack to explore any city in style, why travel is important to her and what her favorite part of traveling is.

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What does travel mean to you?
Travel to me is an experience you have to have in order to live a full life. It’s also one of the best ways for me to relax and recuperate. I like to immerse myself in the culture and unique characteristics of the city I’m in. I’m always receptive to the beauty of the nature around me. I appreciate every moment of travel, from the feeling of surprise to the excitement of seeing everything with fresh eyes.

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When traveling, do you prefer to depart or arrive?
For me, the pleasure of arriving in a new place is related to the feeling that I have when departing. I usually arrive with a lot of expectations and leave with a sense of attachment; in my opinion, these two feelings complement each other. I would say that the arrival is my favorite moment, but in the end, what matters is that the journey is filled with a lot of rewarding experiences.

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As an expert traveler, can you share five tips on traveling smart?
1. Plan your trip in advance. It will relieve you of unnecessary stress once you set foot at your destination.
2. Don’t forget to pack a power bank, a digital camera and a pair of comfortable shoes!
3. Always bring a bag that is easy to carry, and sunscreen to protect your skin anytime, anywhere.
4. Pack outerwear or a shawl, regardless of the weather. It protects you from the wind and the sun.
5. Bring along light snacks and a bottle of water. In case you can’t find a store, you won’t go hungry.

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What’s the most inspiring journey you’ve taken?
As a model, I get to travel to exciting destinations. The most unforgettable journey I took was to Paris—the most romantic place on earth. The city is a carousel of entertainment, leisure and luxury shopping that never stops turning. I have wonderful memories of walking along the riverbank of the Seine at night, and seeing the opera with my friends.

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Where do you want to travel to next?
My next destination will be a remote place, away from any sign of civilization, where all you can do is forget about the rest of the world and laze under the sun.

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