Dfs Presents: Liya Kebede's #mustpack Campaign


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From her native Ethiopia to the sandy shores of Indonesia, supermodel and philanthropist Liya Kebede opens her travel journal to share her #MustPack essentials for her life on the go. As one of the most legendary figures on the runway and influential people in the world, she has traveled great distances to create iconic photos and support the causes that are close to her heart. In this exclusive interview with DFS, the globetrotter unveils her favorite escape, the #MustPack souvenirs she always remember to bring home and how travel has shaped her life values.

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What does travel mean to you? 
Travel to me is a chance to explore new cultures and to experience different ways of life. It helps broaden our horizons and perspectives.

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When traveling, do you prefer to depart or arrive?
I definitely prefer the feeling of arriving at my destination. I love exiting the airport and the feeling of entering a new world.

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What are the five items you purchased while traveling?
The last time I traveled, I bought a bracelet from Tiffany & Co., Coach wallet and several bottles of perfume, just to treat myself. I also found the perfect pair of sunglasses to wear everywhere. And finally, I never forget to buy chocolate for my children.

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As an expert traveler, can you share five tips when it comes to traveling smart? 
If you can figure out how to be an organized packer, it will save you a lot of stress. Recently, I try to fit everything in a carry-on so I don't wait for luggage upon arrival—I really don't like doing that. Wearing comfortable clothes is really important, as well as having a warm scarf or shawl for the plane, because it always tends to be cold at 30,000 feet! Lastly, download loads of movies and TV shows on your laptop or iPad. As a frequent traveler, I have usually seen most film choices on planes, so I prefer to bring my own.

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What’s the most inspiring journey you’ve taken?
Istanbul is one of my favorite cities in the world. I think it has the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen, and the views from the minarets to the river and the bridge are unforgettable. It's simply magnificent. You feel like you have entered the world of Aladdin and you are just waiting for the magic carpet ride to whisk you away.

Where do you want to travel to next?
I would love to travel to Africa more with my children. They often go to Ethiopia, but they have not been to any other place in Africa yet. I would love to share those beautiful places with them. 

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