Our Employees Share Their Travel Photos

Our Employees Share Their Travel Photos

Global JULIE-RAGASA-first-D.jpg

With 420 stores located on four continents, DFS is truly global — and so are our valued employees. In their free time, DFS employees traverse the globe, landing in beautiful destinations all over the world. Many of our employees also have a talent for taking beautiful travel photos, and they’re sharing them here exclusively.

Next time you’re shopping in a DFS or T Galleria store, ask one of our employees where they’ve traveled recently — you might just get inspired for your next getaway. Get to know some of our well-traveled employees below!

North America Employees

Global Jennifer-Goris-D.jpg

Jennifer Goris in Hawaii

Global Angel-Wang-D.jpg

Angel Wang in Hawaii

Global Yuyi-Cen-D.jpg

Yuyi Cen in New York City

Global Julie-Ragasa-D.jpg

Julie Ragasa in Hawaii

Asia Employees

Global Wendy-Choo-D.jpg

Wendy Choo in China

Global Chandalin-Kim-D.jpg

Chandalin Kim in Vietnam

Global Miyagi-Shun-D.jpg

Shun Miyagi in Okinawa

Global Amanda-Wong-D.jpg

Amanda Wong in Kyoto

Global Natalie-Chan-D.jpg

Natalie Chan in Grand Canyon, USA

Global Alexandra-Wong-D.jpg

Alexandra Wong in Vietnam

Pacific Employees

Global San-Chun-D.jpg

San Chun in Paris

Global Valerie-King-D.jpg

Valerie King in Japan

Global David-Mercado-D.jpg

David Mercado in the Philippines

Global Catherine-Viriya-D.jpg

Catherine Viriya in Denmark

Global Svetlana-Hunter-D.jpg