Experience the Ancient Soul & Modern Spirit of Cambodia

Experience the Ancient Soul & Modern Spirit of Cambodia

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Experience the Ancient Soul & Modern Spirit of Cambodia
Cambodia and its bustling capital of Phnom Penh are quickly taking on must-see status among world travelers. Whether you seek lush jungles with ancient temple ruins, pristine beaches, boutique hotels or nouvelle cuisine, Cambodia is rich in culture and offers warm and welcoming hospitality, revealing Southeast Asia at its most authentic and mesmerizing form.

Phnom Penh is a fascinating assault on the senses that blurs the shimmer of the Royal Palace, saffron monk robes and the spicy scents of the local markets with a hip café culture and modern food scene. 

Cambodia’s small towns and cities are charming with their faded colonial architecture, while tropical landscapes take over the countryside, from the mighty Mekong River and great Tonle Sap Lake to the remote forested highlands of Rattanakiri, Mondulkiri and the Cardamom Mountains. Down south, in striking contrast, the coast serves up a luxurious party vibe, chic beaches and breathtaking secluded islands.

Here we offer highlights to experiencing the magic of Cambodia:

Royal Palace: Glistening in gold, the Royal Palace in Phnom Penh was built in 1866 and serves as the residence of the King of Cambodia. Composed of nine buildings, the Silver Pagoda and striking gardens, the palace boasts a golden Buddha decorated with over 9,000 diamonds.

Angkor WatA fusion of breathtaking creativity and spiritual devotion, Angkor Wat is an ancient temple city built in the 12th century and the heart and soul of Cambodia. The beauty and state of preservation are unrivaled, and the city is full of astonishing monuments. One of the world’s architectural achievements, the central temple complex alone, features 2,600 feet of intricate carvings.

Bokor National Park: Wander among the atmospheric French ruins while hiking a great rainforest. Bokor was an exclusive destination for French aristocracy, and today you can see the remains of their elegant homes. 

Bayon: Representing the intersection of heaven and earth, this richly decorated temple is renowned for the huge stone faces that adorn its thirty-seven towers.

Ta Prohm: Ta Prohm is a serene and sprawling monastery that has been only partially cleared of overgrowth creating a dramatic temple-in-the-jungle setting.

Phum Baitang: This five-star luxury resort is set within eight acres of lush gardens, natural wonders and cultural experiences. The stilted villas are inspired by traditional Cambodian design. Its tranquil Spa Temple offers treatment rooms and massages for the ultimate relaxation.

Cuisine Wat Damnak: Blending authentic Cambodian flavors and French culinary technique, Chef Joannès Rivière creates innovative menus inspired by the country’s golden age. Herbs and vegetables from the family garden and local fish and game make each dish a delight.

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