Hawaii Shopping Guide

Hawaii Shopping Guide

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Godiva Chocolate Souvenir Box

Created by award-winning visual artist Ray Oranges, known for his skillful compositions in which color and shapes gently interconnect, this exclusive packaging design reflects Hawaii’s magnificent landscape and offers an enticing assortment of the finest Belgian chocolates.  A delightful and indulgent gift to bring home from an extraordinary destination.

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Island Mana Wines

In Hawaiian, "Mana" describes the spirit and energy of the islands. These tropical fruit wines seek to capture the essence of Mana with handcrafted small lots packed with healthy natural fruits and juices. They include a selection of pineapple, guava, mango and passion fruit wines that pair wonderfully with almost any dish. Perfect to take home as a souvenir of your trip or as a unique bottle to gift to food-loving friends and family.

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Honolulu Cookie Company Signature Collection

This tasty collection features a selection of nine different flavors of pineapple-shaped premium shortbread cookies dipped in heavenly chocolate.  Presented in their signature packaging to ensure quality and freshness, this is a treasured gift to savor as you reminisce the memories of your travels.

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Hawaiian King Milk Chocolate Covered Macadamia Nuts

Made with the finest Hawaiian-grown macadamia nuts covered with smooth milk chocolate, this is a luxurious and indulgent gift to take home and please even the most impeccable of palates.

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Big Island Candies Classic Assortment

Since 1977, Big Island Candies has represented the very best signature Hawaiian treats, macadamia nuts, and coffee. This beautifully presented collection of assorted shortbread cookies and brownies is a classy gift sure to impress your gourmet friends.

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Coffees of Hawaii

This is a naturally dried arabica coffee grown exclusively on the Hawaiian islands. It is named after Molokai's landscape and the courageous generations of muleskinners who, in order to bring back the precious beans, traversed this treacherous terrain on the backs of their sharp-witted, sure-footed mules. With its husky, yet smooth, full-bodied taste is a hearty brew that true coffee-lovers will appreciate.

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Ocean Organic Vodka 750ml

'Named as a tribute to the element that provides life for everything on the planet, Ocean Organic Vodka is made from organic sugar cane that has been blended with deep-ocean mineral water to impart a unique taste and mouth-feel. An award-winning and highly rated spirit produced on the island of Maui, it has a smooth, slightly sweet and silky finish that is perfect for getting the party started.

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Kōloa Rum 750ml

'Named after Hawaii's first sugar plantation established on Kauai in 1835, Kōloa Rum is made with Hawaiian cane sugar and natural mountain rainwater. Its flavor is intensely rich and complex, combining the robust notes of espresso coffee with those of white cane sugar, light vanilla, and hints of chocolate for a spirit that is worth sipping slowly just like a barista-made coffee.


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