Travel Together With Yuna In Singapore


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Yunalis Mat ara’ai, known as Yuna, is a Malaysian singer-songwriter and the creator of some today’s most stunning R&B ballads. Already an icon in her home country, she has effortlessly begun to climb the musical ranks in America and across the globe.

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The LA-based songstress got her start releasing her first tracks on a personal Myspace page, which saw over one million plays. This garnered the attention of ultra cool indie-pop label Fader, who signed her in early 2011. Her debut album won five Malaysian music award nominations, taking Best New Artist and Best Song. Since then she has gone on to collaborate with the likes of Pharrell Williams and Usher on award winning projects.

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Her music has taken her around the globe on world tours and to international festivals but she now calls America’s west coast home. Together with T Galleria, she ventures back to Asia to re-experience Singapore’s skyline. Follow the lyrical sojourn of Yuna’s stay, exclusively with T Galleria.

For Yuna, traveling is the ultimate source of inspiration for both her music and her style. Singapore’s verdant, tree lined parks offer brief moments of true escape where she can get in touch with her soulful spirit and meditate on new songs. The delicious restaurants are another draw of the city. “When I arrived in Singapore, I went straight to my favorite chicken rice shop,” explains Yuna.

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A few years ago, Yuna performed in Singapore at The Esplanade Theater, a stunning performing arts center in Marina Bay near the mouth of the Singapore River. This tour stop will forever be a special place for her. Traveling back is a precious opportunity that affords her the ability to see how far she has come since then.

Yuna insists her travels are most fun when she can explore in the company of her parents with whom she shares a close bond. Her second most treasured travel companion is her most comfortable pair of shoes.

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