Liya Kebede's Love Letter To Bali


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The breathtaking landscape and ancient culture are among the countless reasons supermodel and philanthropist Liya Kebede returns to Bali time and time again. In this exclusive interview with DFS, the fashion muse shares her favorite place to unwind and the most coveted treasures she #MustPack from every trip.

Bali is one of my favorite places to visit. I love the island especially because it’s a place I visited with my children, Raee and Suhul. We spent time discovering the island together. 

The island is famous for its quiet nature on the Indian Ocean, so my favorite things to do are sunbathing on the black sand beaches on the east coast and going white water rafting on Ayung River. I also love to visit the Monkey Forest – it never gets old.

Every time I visit, I’m inspired to get up early in the morning and take a walk in the natural beauty. I love walking through the rice paddies, and especially enjoy the sunrise, which is breathtaking. The best view is definitely at the top of Mount Batur.

My favorite place to stay in Bali is the Amandari Hotel. The resort looks like a Balinese village and has artworks from local artisans. The hotel is in the iconic town of Ubud, where there are many Hindu temples and shrines.

There are over 10,000 temples in Bali. These temples are called “pura” in Balinese. I think it shows how incredibly spiritual people of Bali are. These people have preserved and passed down music, dance, food and daily traditions honoring the cycle of life through generation after generation. One of their most famous dishes that I love is their spicy noodles. In Indonesia, it’s called “mie goreng.” It’s very flavorful and spicy. 

The local markets are a great place to meet local people, and exploring art pieces and batik fabrics. The colors and design patterns of the dyed fabrics are complex and stunning, and I’m always on the look for them. The amazing energy you feel from these people is so warm and priceless. It’s something that makes me go to Bali every time.

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