Tory Burch's Loyal To Family Values


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Family is everything to the designer and philanthropist, who balances being a busy mother with running a global brand and foundation. Her company culture reflects her loyalty to family values.

In this exclusive interview with DFS, she tells us about her passions, the influence of her parents, and the importance of paying it forward.

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Why is loyalty important?
To me, loyalty means dedication and humility, humbling yourself for the sake of someone else. My parents raised me with the idea that loyalty is key to being a person with integrity and I like to think I’ve passed down the same values to my kids.

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How does family a play a role outside your home?
“Family is everything” is one of the best pieces of advice my mom has ever given me. Family values have been part of the DNA of our company from the very beginning. At the office we have our “Buddy Values,” named for my father who treated everyone with kindness and respect. These values epitomize and influence the way we work. When people feel happy and supported, they do their best work. One of the reasons I started the company was so I could start a foundation. In 2009 we launched the Tory Burch Foundation to empower women entrepreneurs. Naturally we think of our entrepreneurs as part of our extended family, too.

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What does travel mean to you?
I grew up traveling and hearing about my parents’ adventures. They would go to exotic places and bring back incredible photographs and finds that have inspired pieces in my collections.

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As a parent, I love traveling with my boys and being immersed in different cultures from Myanmar to Machu Picchu. But I am also happy exploring New York. I’m always amazed by the vibrancy, the color, and what the city has to offer. I think what people can do here is incredible. So, while I love traveling, I have to say my loyalty is right here at home.

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