Museums In France That Will Inspire You


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As one of the largest European countries, France offers some of the most delightfully breathtaking landscapes. Charmed with a rich history and romantic sentiment, the cities are pulsing with iconography and a thriving art scene. Whether you find yourself sipping wine beneath the Bordeaux sunset, sailing off the Mediterranean coast, or shopping for a pair of stilettos in the City of Light, you’ll be in good company with some of the world’s most incredible exhibits. Here is our personal guide to France’s must-see museums in its most sophisticated cities.

Among a new crop of museums is Bordeaux’s Cité du Vin, which opened in June just off the river Garonne. This exquisite space mimics a snifter of wine swirling around, awakening flavors before a tasting. With its 20 different multimedia installations, the museum will impress everyone from cultured sommeliers to traveling sightseers. 

Fondation Louis Vuitton, in Paris, is truly a feat in 21st Century architecture. Designed by Frank Gehry, in partnership with Bernard Arnault, the building is as beautiful as the artwork inside. Surrounded by the lush greenery of Jardin d’Acclimatation, and arching over a pool of water, the glass structure is a must see. 

Musée des Arts Décoratifs is perfect for the Parisian adventurer who adores the luxuries of French fashion. Situated within the Louvre, the museum’s curved, floral corridor showcases some of the most buzzed about fashion and furniture exhibits. This summer it will house a Barbie exhibit exploring the doll’s history and paying homage to Mattel’s archives.

Nice’s Musée Matisse showcases the greatest work of Henri Matisse, an artist who was very much influenced by the area in which he lived. The airy sense of escape and stunning seaside backdrop that defines Nice, hangs on the museum’s walls in his work. 

Another port city must see is MuCEM, in Marseille, which is the only museum dedicated to Mediterranean cultures. The filigreed concrete that encases the museum casts ornate shadows upon the interior, giving an oceanic experience.

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