Discover 35+ New Fashion Brands in Macau

Discover 35+ New Fashion Brands in Macau

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New. Now. Next. DFS is introducing the all-new World Design Space at T Galleria by DFS, Macau, City of Dreams on June 15, featuring more than 35 brands. The concept shop offers the coolest new brands for men, women and kids, plus accessories and toys. This is the top destination in Macau to discover the edgy, fashion-forward labels you need to know from around the world. Discover all the brands here.

11 Must-Know Brands at the World Design Space

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Les Petits Joueurs: This brand uniquely combines premium Italian materials with colorful toy and emoji embellishments for a rare, eye-catching juxtaposition. Although no two styles are too much alike, each collection celebrates both luxury and pop art.

Lianna Paris: The Lianna Paris concept is simple: start with an essential item to create a canvas for embellishing, altering, and adding lots of personality. The brand’s luxurious straps in animal prints, fur, plaids and bright colors can be worn with the Lianna leather totes or any bag of your choice.

Filles a Papa: Each collection from Belgian label Filles A Papa offers something equally grunge and sexy. Since its launch in 2012 it has earned a loyal following of both celebrities and rebellious youth.

Michaela Buerger: Michaela Buerger evolved an inheritance of knitting prowess from her mother into an illustrious house of homemade knits, employing 200 women who have a hand in creating these timeless wardrobe staples.

Bijoux de Famille: At it’s core, this line is a cultivation of color, luxurious materials and an understanding of the connection jewelry has to the body. Everyday and unusual objects are combined into wearable adornments to create a daring statement.

Habit Cactus: This French accessories brand is all about individual expression. Each piece is a blank canvas with infinite potential, designed for the wearer to rethink the way they accessorize by granting them the freedom to choose.

Essentiel Antwerp: There is a splendid love story behind this Belgian clothing brand. Husband and wife design duo Inge Onsea and Esfan Eghtessadi came together from backgrounds of modeling and textiles to create this vibrant, playful collection.

F.A.M.T.: Online trends and pop culture references are what give this minimalist French label its edge. The collection features an assortment of casualwear in luxurious fabrics emblazoned with hot-topic phrases, symbols and memes.

Dedicated Brand: Bringing sustainability to streetwear is what this label is all about. Launched in Stockholm by a group of friends, its founders bring together backgrounds in graphic design, photography and music to create a line made from certified organic cotton and recycled materials.

Fjällräven Kånken: The Swedish brand was established in 1978 and geared for schoolchildren, but today it’s the ultra-cool alternative to the everyday backpack for people of all ages. Now it’s known for its iconic white and red logo and perfect pallet of unique colors.

Mr. Monkies: Mr. Monkies plays into the undeniable urge to scribble on a pair of clean white kicks. The French brand offers a bare white sneaker with waterproof but erasable ink, allowing you to create your ideal sneaker.

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