Off The Beaten Path: Exploring Copenhagen


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No visit to Copenhagen would be complete without drinking in the colorful houses, boat clad canals, and breathtaking design museums. And yet, there is more to see even if you think you’ve seen it all already. Beyond the chic concept stores and urban bike paths, waits a unique, lesser-known side of the city, ready to intrigue and surprise you.

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Møns Klint: Journey two hours outside of the city proper to witness splendid Baltic cliffs. The white chalk ledges of Møns Klint overlook some of Denmark’s most sublime views. Stroll around the island and you will stumble upon old churches, dressed in frescoes, and quaint towns teeming with artisanal goods to discover.

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Louisiana Museum of Modern Art: Board a train heading north of Copenhagen for just 25 miles and find yourself at the Oresund waterfront where the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art perches. While the design museums of Copenhagen are not to be missed, The Louisiana Museum is a particularly special destination for Danish art. Wander through galleries, making sure not to miss the permanent Yayoi Kusama spectacle. Be sure to explore the sculpture gardens and the spectacular view of the Danish Riviera they offer.

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Filmhuset: Copenhagen is home to the oldest working film studio in the world, established in 1906. It is also home to Filmhuset, part of the Danish Film Institute in Gothersgade, which houses an incredible historic overview of Danish film. Review show lineups to catch something intriguing and make sure to check out the basement cinema where you may find films not shown elsewhere.

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Dyrehaven Park: Dyrehaven Park is an enchanting mix of forest and open grassy park. Stark in the center of the 1000-hectare expanse is The Hermitage Hunting Lodge, an opulent structure with beautiful interiors of luxe marble and gold, silver, and silk wallpaper. It is common to see deer delicately dotting the surrounding grounds, peacefully grazing. Enjoy a picnic, complete with spirits and special Danish treats, before setting off on horseback to see the rest of the park.

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Cisternerne: The green grass of Søndermarken Park is home to two angular glass sculptures. At first unsuspecting, these captivating structures reveal themselves, upon further inspection, as stairwells to an underground opening. Enter the subterranean space below Frederiksberg Hill and find yourself in the enchanting and massive art museum: Cisternerne. The space is filled with incredible geological formations that fortify the rotation of art streaming through.

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